Panther Problem Solvers

Mon, 10/09/2017 - 9:02pm


We are going to continue Panther Problem Solvers this year! Each month we will send home a monthly Panther Problem Solvers math problem in the school newsletter. All students are encouraged to solve the monthly problem at home and use modeling to show how they came up with their answer and/or explain how to solve the problem to someone else using a mathematical model. Students who complete the activity will have their work displayed on a Panther Problem Solvers bulletin board and some students may have their work featured on the morning announcements. In addition, students who complete the activity will be entered into a prize drawing. Completed activities can be turned into your student’s math teacher.

Here is this month’s problem. Remember to show how you found your solution and turn your solution into your math teacher by Friday, November 3rd. Happy Problem Solving!

It’s September and Mr. Todd wants to buy special gifts to welcome new students to Running Brook Elementary.

He found sparkly pencils that said “Ready, Respectful, Responsible and Risk Taking,” and he wants to buy one for each new student.

There are 6 pencils in a pack and there are 22 new students at Running Brook. How many packs of pencils does Mr. Todd need to buy?