Parents ROAR about Running Brook Elementary!

Please take some time to read all the wonderful comments RBES parents had to say about their appreciation to the RBES teachers and staff. If you would like to submit your own "parent testimonial", please email

Running Brook ES teachers and staff go above and beyond when it comes to caring for and teaching our child. We are thrilled to be a part of this school! Our son is getting an amazing education and we can't wait for our daughter to start kindergarten next year! 

- The Kehres Family

Mrs. Filler and Mrs. Van Reenan are not only great teachers, they are such a pleasure to see each morning when I drop my children off. Never a frown on their faces. They brighten my day! I had the pleasure of having the Pre-K staff ( Mrs. Torres & Mrs. Tilly) teach three of my children, they are not just teachers to us, they are like family. Mrs. Beale has taught two out of my four children, and she has done a wonderful job. I am looking forward to see if my last child will have the pleasure to have her as well. 

- Karen Archer

We love RBES and our kindergarten homeroom teacher Mrs. Smith. Our son, Veer learned a lot and RBES has contributed significantly to his development. Veer looks forward to every single day of school!

- Raj & Reena Tulianl